Clint resides in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, where he teaches figure drawing to animation students at the Vancouver Institute of Media arts (Vanarts).  In his spare time he's a freelance illustrator and designer, which he hopes to do full time when he's finished his second childhood.


Clint lives with his talented partner and his two cats that never let him sleep or work.




Working with Clint was great. He really captured the vision I had for my small business logo.  Clint has a

beautiful eye for form and function, and his ability to take a concept from thought to reality using his creative

and artistic talents is exceptional. I look forward to working with Clint in the future to see where else he can

benefit my business with his artistic eye and unique ideas.



Nadine Dezoete

The Bag Lady handbags and accessories



Clinton Morris has been an outstanding designer for the sons of Granville as well as for my own solo project.

 His highly artistic talent is matched by his deep founded compassion and commitment to his clients and work.

His friendly demeanor and positivity make him a wonderful person to work with and as such, Clinton comes

with my highest recommendation.


Thomas Beckman,

Viola artist